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Nourish Grill is now just a memory...

We are excited to announce a new chapter at The Club restaurant. As of April 1, 2015 Nourish Grill operations have ended, and the restaurant is being operated by the Andresen Family, as The Lighthouse Bar & Grill.  


Annette, Gerner Andersen and their son, Ken, have been running the highly popular Lighthouse restaurant in Sausalito for over 20 years. They also have a location in Corte Madera. Learn more about the Andresen Family, their Lighthouse restaurants, their menus, and more by CLICKING HERE. Interestingly enough, Gerner ran The Club restaurant many years ago in the early 90s. He missed us so much, he's back!  


While The Lighthouse Bar & Grill is currently operating with a soft opening, keep your eyes out for information on the Grand Opening scheduled for May 1. In the meantime, come down, have a drink and say hello to Ken, who will be heading the operation here at Harbor Point.

Finally - Thank you to all who supported and participated in Nourish Grill. We know it wasn't always easy, but we certainly had some good times...!


-The Kaliski Family


The Lighthouse Bar & Grill

is located in the Club at Harbor Point 475 East Strawberry Drive, Mill Valley, California

Call for reservations (415) 381-4400